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About Us

My curiosity for how things work has always had me taking things apart to see how and why. I am a third generation automotive technician with twenty (20) years of experience. While in high school, I was not sure I wanted to work on cars for a living so I took electronics while in Votech. As a kid, my Dad would buy me "AM" radio kits and such that I would solder and build, so electronics was something I had always liked but after getting out of high school, and getting a job, working on cars, I ending up excelling at it in part from the electronics aspect of it. Instead of being able to just diag an anti theft module as the fault, I was able to take it apart and test for the faulty component and repair it.

I now have a complete mobile van setup with wifi and a pc with various software programs for immobilizer pin codes, Mitchell on demand, Alldata, Scan tools, and an oscilloscope. I have various aftermarket scan tools that I use on a regular basis, as well as numerous laptops equipped with OE manufacturer's software for programming / coding / initializing most all on board modules that we as techs see on a daily basis.

Please check back often as I keep adding more and more tools and equipment to my arsenal. If its something that you would normally need to send to the dealer, call me first and see if I can save your shop a tow bill, 3 days waiting to get it back, and most importantly- money. I can usually make it out to your shop the same day or next day.


Price List

$195 Diagnostic FeeĀ 

Reprogramming/ Coding Fees:

$195 Asian/Domestic
$295 European
$295+ Advanced driving assist systems calibrations/

additional cost(s) apply for cars requiring a pin code


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